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Society fot the Study of Symbolic Interaction Associazione Italiana di Sociologia

International Symposium

Present and Future of Symbolic Interactionism

3-5 June 2010

Hotel S. Croce in Fossabanda



The Department of Social and Political Science at University of Pisa, Italy (working group on Sociology) is organizing an

International Symposium

Present and Future of Symbolic Interactionism

The Conference is kindly co-sponsored by the Society for the Study of Symbolic Interaction and the Associazione Italiana di Sociologia.

The aim of the Symposium is to offer an important occasion for encounters and intellectual exchanges between symbolic interactionists from Europe, America, and other parts of the world to discuss substantive issues from a SI perspective.

The Symposium will be held in Pisa on 3-4-5 June, 2010

in Hotel S. Croce in Fossabanda (www.fossabanda.it)

It will be a three-day meeting with key lectures and thematic sessions on a number of relevant issues such as: theoretical and methodological advances in contemporary SI; SI and other sociological traditions (phenomenology, ethnomethodology, and so on); identity in the internet era; community, civil society and volunteerism; social diversities and social policies; interactions, relationships and social networks; social exclusion and social work; media and communications; deviance in society, and so on.

Tuscany in June is a "paradise": Pisa is a small and very beautiful town in which the intellectual and the touristic traditions blend in a perfect balance: the beautiful Mediterranean coast is only about 10 kilometers away, Lucca is close by, and Florence can be reached by direct train in less than an hour.

The University of Pisa is well-known world-wide, and is one of the oldest universities in Italy.

The conference will be comprised of two plenary sessions and at least twelve parallel sessions.
On Friday evening there will be a gala banquet, and on Saturday afternoon there will be a guided tour of the city of Pisa.

Registration: In order to attend the conference, you have to register using this form, before 15 may 2010.

Call for sessions: whoever is interested in organizing a session for the Pisa Conference is kindly requested to send the title of the proposed session along with a one-sentence description to the organizational staff. The deadline for the submission of session proposals is the 15th of January, 2010. You can use this form to submit a session.

January, 31th, 2010: a first draft of the list of Session proposals is out and downloadable here. The list is provisional and it will likely be integrated with new Sessions.

Call for abstracts: whoever is interested in participating in the Pisa Conference is requested to submit papers or abstracts regarding the session proposals and any of the issues listed in the submission form. The deadline for the submission of papers and abstracts is the 20th of February, 2010. You can use this form to submit an abstract.


The timeline includes:

The deadline for registration: 15 may 2010

The deadline for submitting session proposals: 15th January;
The deadline for submitting papers and abstracts: 20th February;
The acceptance of proposed sessions as well as submitted papers and abstracts: 28th February;
The definitive program of the conference will be announced in March.

The official languages of the conference will be English and Italian.

Particular attention will be given during the conference to the issue of the internationalization of SI.


Hotel Accomodation

During the conference time will be set aside for coffee breaks and lunch buffets (friday and saturday). The hotel S. Croce in Fossabanda will make available a certain number of rooms for the participants of the conference at specially reduced rates:

Single room: 73€; double room: 95€.

Please, make reference to the conference when you will book the rooms!

Further information: www.fossabanda.it



Please send your request to salvini@dss.unipi.it


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